Husky Band Day

What a Long and tiring day!

Yesterday Drew (and I) experienced his first Husky Band Day. It was quite an experience. The day started off at 2:30am for Drew. Ann woke him up just in time to take him to the high school shoe could be on the Bus up to Seattle at 3:15. I can only imagine the scene as over 200 students and all their band equipment packed onto the busses. Drew was going to sleep on the bus on the way up, but unfortunately for him he forgot to go to the bathroom before getting on the bus and had to pee the entire first half of the trip.

I left at 6am planning on being there by 10am. My trip up was uneventful. I stopped for about 1/2 hour at the Centrailia Tesla Supercharger and continued up to Seattle.

When I arrived I had a chance to watch the Husky band jam with all of the different high school band kids watching. It as quite a show. We then proceeded to the game and our seats. All the bands came out at half time and performed several songs for the halftime show along with the Husky band. It was quite a sight. I’ll have some better pictures and video posts soon.

Both drew and I stayed overnight in Seattle (I’m writing this from the hotel while Drew sleeps) and we’ll be heading home soon. All in all it as quite an adventure and a great learning experience for Drew.


Hello everybody, and welcome to the Sturgeon Family Journal. This isn’t anything more than a nice place to start a Journal of our lives here in Vancouver.

I used to keep a relatively regularly updated thing going, but haven’t been able to for the past couple years. Life has been relatively hectic.